This mistake done on WhatsApp can be huge for Android users

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 By Ashish Doneriya

WhatsApp is used by around 2.7 billion users worldwide. Given the number of users, the popularity of this instant messaging app can be gauged. This app has more users on Android platform than iOS.

However, WhatsApp is considered to be the most secure instant messaging app but last year, around 1,400 people have WhatsApp accounts hacked. This is the reason that users using this app need to be careful.

WhatsApp is an app with end-to-end encryption feature, due to which files, photos and videos shared on this platform are considered safe. Convergence done on this platform is quite difficult to decode. Therefore, users love this app a lot.

For iOS users, chat backups of this app are backed up in iCloud, due to which back-ups of its chats are also secure with end-to-end encryption. However, chat back-up for Android users is stored in Google Drive, which is not secure with end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp chat back-up of Android users can be leaked from here only. However, WhatsApp and Google together will also bring encryption features for back-up chat on Drive. But, until this feature comes, there is a risk of leaking chats and files stored in the back-up. In this case, you will have to disable the automatic back-up of your WhatsApp chat.

How to disable

  1. For this, you go to the Settings of the app and tap on the Chats option.
  2. Go there and toggle Google Drive settings.
  3. Go to this settings and change the ‘Back-up to Google Drive’ option to ‘Only when I tap back-up’.
  4. After this, your chat will not be backed up on Google Drive, unless you tap on the back-up button. That is, the option of automatic back-up will be disabled and your chats will be safe.

If you want to use your WhatsApp in other smartphones, then go back up the chat by going to WhatsApp settings. Then go and recover this chat back-up in another device. After recovering the chat, go to Google Drive and delete the WhatsApp chat back-up folder. By doing this your WhatsApp chat back-up will be removed from Google Drive and your chats will be saved from leaking.