Things to do with Firefox after installation


NOTE : This post is not applicable for Firefox Quantum

We know that Firefox is one of the most popular browsers in the world. But to make the most out of it, we have to configure it. So I have noted down some important tasks. Here is the TODO list :

Delete blotted bookmarks

Open Menu Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks

firefox bookmarks manager

Select All Bookmarks > Bookmarks Toolbar. You will see some bookmarks (Most visited, Getting started). Select each one of them by clicking it and press Del button from your keyboard to delete them.
firefox bookmarks manager blotted

Do this procedure with the All Bookmarks > Bookmarks Menu also. Delete every entry inside it including that long line (separator) also.
firefox default bookmarks

So Before deleting, our bookmarks menu looks like this :

And after deleting those unnecessary bookmarks, our bookmarks menu will look like this :

You can see clean bookmark menu.

Set default folder for saving bookmarks

In firefox whenever you bookmark a url by clicking on that star icon (which is placed on the right side of url bar) then by default it saves your bookmark in Other bookmarks folder instead of bookmark menu or bookmark bar.
firefox default bookmark folder
So we are going to change it.
First install extension add-bookmark-here-2.
Now open Addons Manager (Tools > Add-ons) and click on preferences button in front of "Add Bookmarks Here"

Tick the checkbox that is in front of "Customize the Other Bookmarks Folder", select Bookmarks Menu

Open "Menu" and uncheck the options given in the picture below.
If you want you can even uncheck all the options also if you know what you are doing.

Open "Panel" and uncheck the options given in the picture below.

You can close this dialog now.

Now when ever you bookmark a website, you can directory view the bookmark in bookmark menu.

Disable firefox health report

Goto Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Data Choices
and uncheck the option that is in front of "Enable Firefox Health Report"

Disable auto update search engines

Goto Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Update
and uncheck the option that is in front of "Search Engines"

Enable search suggestions

Goto Edit > Preferences > Search
and check the option that is in front of "Show search suggestions in location bar results"
firefox search suggestion

Install Fast Dial addon

In firefox when we open new tab our page looks like this
firefox without fastdial.
Here you can clearly see your history. Although you can disable it by clicking on setting icon and uncheck everything. But then it will display blank screen. But with the help of fast dial addon you can set some predefined shortcuts (or more like bookmarks) in your new tab page and it also doesn't show your history as well.
firefox fastdial addon

So first install Fast Dial add on, restart firefox and then open new tab so you can see 9 black rectangles. You can add shortcut / bookmark of a website by clicking on any block/rectangle and then fill out url and name and press ok.

You can also change the number of rectangles and size also.
Goto Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > Fast dial > preferences

Install Ghostry addon

Ghostry can block all the advertising, analytics, integrated social media features, tags, privacy notice, adult advertising etc. Its more important than adblockers.
So first install Ghostry addon. As soon as you install it you will be redirected to its settings page.
Click on "No Thanks"

Again click on "No Thanks"

Click on "May be later, lets start".

Click on "No thanks".

Block analytics and advertising with ghostry
Click on "Block All" to block all types.

Ghostry General Tab
Open General Tab.

Ghostry General Tab
Uncheck all the options except under "Blocking" heading. Thats all.

Install DownThemAll addon

In my view it is the best download manager (as extension) for firefox. So First install it from Addons site.

After than option the customization window.
firefox customization

After that drag the DownThemAll Manager icon to the toolbar.
firefox downthemall
firefox downthemall

Now you can always open DownthemAll Manager by clicking on that icon.downthemall

Install FlashGot addon

Using flashgot we can download video or audio clips from ANY website, even youtube. It can also be used to download all the link with a single click.
So first install the Flashgot extension. After installing and restarting firefox
Open Flashgot Options window (Tools > FlashGot > More Options)
flashgot addon firefox

Select DTA (Turbo) as download manager (DTA = Downthemall). You can also select other download manager also.
flashgot addon firefox

Now goto Downloads tab and choose option "Intercept all downloads".

Goto "FlashGot Media" tab and here also select DTA (Turbo) as your default download manager for downloading media files (from youtube etc.).

Goto "Advanced" tab and disable the logs.
flashgot addon firefox setup
That's it.

Install Menu Wizard addon

Using Menu Wizard addon you can change firefox right click menu.

Published in: Ubuntu
Originally Published On : May 02, 2017