How to use Eslint in Sublime

Sunday, November 11, 2018 By Ashish Doneriya

Steps to use Esline in Sublime code editor.

  1. Install nodejs and npm in system.
  2. Install eslint using command
    sudo npm install -g eslint
  3. Create package.json file using command
    npm init

    Fill anything you want

  4. Create config file for eslint using
    eslint --init

    Answer the questions that it will ask

  5. Open sublime and install package Eslint Formattor. Goto Preferences > Package Settings > ESLintFormatter > Settings - User.
    Set proper path of eslint_path. You can get the path using whereis eslint. Now set config_path as /home/username/.eslintrc.js. Change username.
  6. That’s all

Now to format using eslint Right click and Select Eslint Formatter > Format this file.