How to convert your videos into Gif on Whatsapp

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 By Ashish Doneriya

The instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps updating new features to give users a better experience of chatting. In the past, the company has rolled out the Dark Mode feature with the help of chatting in low light comfortably.

At the same time, tell you that there are many such features on WhatsApp that can make your experience very special and interesting during chat. One of them is GIF, yes GIF can present any expression in a very special way. By the way, GIF option is available during chat in WhatsApp. But if you want, you can also create GIF yourself.

Many times you can easily express your expression shares using GIF while chatting. But creating and sharing a personalized GIF will be very fun for the users and on WhatsApp you can create a GIF of any video yourself, which is very easy. For this, you have to follow some tips. So let’s know how to make GIF on WhatsApp.

  1. You can use any video saved in your phone to convert a video into a GIF on WhatsApp. For this, first you have to update the latest version of WhatsApp.
  2. After this, go to your WhatsApp account and open a chat window on any number.
  3. In the chat window you will find attachment icons at the bottom, in this you have to select the option of Gallery and go to Gallery and select the video you want to convert and use in GIF.
  4. After selecting the video, you will get the option to trim the video on the screen. Apart from this, options for text and emoji are also provided on the right side. Which you can add to the video.
  5. Trim the portion of the video you want to convert to GIF. After the trim is completed, you can also add text and emoji to the video if you want. After this your video will become a GIF and you can share it with friends and family.