How to block all Ads, Trackers, Anlytics Using Ghostery in Chrome and Firefox


In this article I'm going to show you how you could block all advertisements, trackers, analytics, customer engagement widgets, social media widgets and comments using a single tool known as Ghostery. Although there are several adblocker out there but I have found Ghostery the most effective of all. Its a one stop solution for all the unwanted things like ads, trackers etc.

It is available both browsers Firefox and Chrome. I will explain the steps for Google Chrome. For firefox steps are more or like same.

Steps for Google Chrome :

  1. Install Ghostery

  2. After installation it will open a new tab automatically. Close that tab.

  3. Now click on the Ghostery icon in chrome bar.

Ghostery Chrome icon

  1. Click on Select Basic

  1. Click on Top Right Icon (:)

  1. Click on Settings

Ghostery Settings

  1. Click on Block All

If you want to allow comments or customer support then uncheck them. I uncheck comments so that I could read comments of a website.

  1. Click on General Settings and untick the option Replace blocked social media buttons with a Ghostery icon.

  1. Click on Notifications Tab and untick / uncheck all options.

  1. Click on Opt Out / Out In and uncheck all options.

  2. Click on Purple Box and uncheck all options.

Thats it. Here is the video

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Originally Published On : Dec 15, 2019